Tools & Gifts for Jew-Ish Life
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How We Curate Our Products

We start with our core values

Our values drive us toward our goal of bringing people together to start a journey into new, forward thinking ways of exploring Jewish experiences. 

Our products:

  • Practice unconditional welcoming
  • Balance head, humor, and heart
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Share guidelines and tools, not rules
  • Take what's old and make it new
  • Are gorgeous

We bring in the Reboot Network

We bring in the Reboot Network, a collective of 500+ cultural influencers and creatives who help envision and create conversations on the future of modern Judaism. These storytellers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators and dreamers help curate the products in the shop.

A few members of the Reboot Network featured in the shop include:

Curating a Jewish Experience

As the seasons change, so will the Shop. Each season will feature a guest curator with a stake in the evolving future of Jewish conversations. This curator will lend his/her experience, professional knowledge, and connection to Jewish experience in populating the Reboot Shop for holidays and relevant cultural events.

Working with Partners and Affiliates

Because we’re fortunate to work with a wonderful Reboot network, there is also a wide range of products we’re able to deliver to our customers. Many of these products are the works of individuals and other organizations who we partner with, in which we will direct customers out of our site so they can complete their purchase.

Reboot is proud to partner with:

Our Badges

Created by RebootProducts developed by Reboot (the organization) that inspire personal and Jewish exploration.

Created by the Reboot NetworkProducts developed by Reboot Network members, who were inspired by their Reboot experience and created a great film, book, or game to inspire others to do their own personal and Jewish exploration.

Curated by RebootProducts specially hunted and gathered by members of the Reboot Network that inspire personal and Jewish exploration.