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ParshaNut by David Kasher


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Your gateway into the weird and wonderful world of the Torah.

The ParshaNut Podcast is your gateway into the weird and wonderful world of the Torah. Every week, we take a deep dive into some part of the weekly Torah reading (the "parsha"), ask difficult questions, and use the long tradition of commentary ("parshanut") to try to come up with answers. Come see how the study of this one book, over the centuries, has produced some of the most dazzling literary, psychological and spiritual insights in Jewish civilization. Tune in every week to fresh and provocative insights with your host, Rabbi David Kasher. 

About the Artist

David Kasher had a bit of a split-personality childhood: he grew up mostly in Oakland, the secular son of his hippy mom, but was shipped off every summer to the shtetl-like hassidic enclave in Brooklyn where his father lived. Despite the constant wardrobe and hairstyle changes this involved, he loved both of the worlds he lived in, and has been trying to integrate them ever since. He is a rabbi, and a lover of gangster rap. David serves as a faculty advisor for the Reboot Network. 



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